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The new aircraft carrier of the industry has been.


Takeaway: based on the pattern of change brings new opportunities, in 2017 China's economy will continue to keep the transition of deceleration quality characteristics, economic growth to slow down but not stall, and "slow quality" will further highlight. Development is the hard truth. In this situation, the prophets of China's building materials industry have made a move again, which is bound to be another eye-catching event!


On December 29, 2016 - January 1, 2017, in order to "gather the potential, man proposes, casting city" as the theme of the new jiing sheng group 2017 wealth summit held in foshan pearl hotel grand, new pearl group chairman of the board of directors, the number of new jiing group chairman Ye Delin, new jiing sheng group vice chairman, executive director of He Chengjian, new jiing sheng long group, vice chairman of the board of directors and supervisors Luo Jintang, new jiing sheng long group deputy secretary-general yong-feng ye, new jiing sheng group committee director, production and sales operations center general manager ShuXinKui nationwide as well as more than five hundred new jiing sheng group of arms dealers one dream from all over the country gathered in foshan together to participate in this event, and in this time, with the main technology and is a kind of festival of wind gives priority to tone, friends to enjoy the new features in the different general appreciation and novelty of the experience of the new technology at the same time, through this annual meeting as an opportunity to all new jiing sheng group's top leaders appear jointly open a new group company of the launching ceremony, more opens up a new group of companies in 2017 at full speed of the powerful engine, has come in the future, new jiing sheng group and friends already on the road.









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The chairman of yedling and the audience drank together

31 in the afternoon, the new jiing sheng group held a press conference, new jiing sheng group committee director, production and sales operations center general manager Mr ShuXinKui clarified some rumors about industry for the new group and suspicion, and expounds the new group's future development goals and mission.


News conference site

The new capital of the gathering should emerge from the cocoon

Chairman Mr Ye Delin published cut deep meaning of speech, in his speech, the presence of all the people realized the lofty expectations and characteristics of leaf for bentley, german-american, kang jian, showing high four major brands for the future development of thinking. Ye dong said, "all the efforts of the forces, that is, invincible; All the wise work is done. It is believed that with the support and joint efforts of all of you, the new company will be able to make the better and better.


Group chairman, ye Lin, delivered a speech

The wind is long, the scenery is good. At the summit on the 30th, vice chairman he chengjian delivered a wonderful speech. In his speech, he announced the establishment of new group, the new group. Then what Dong Jieshao the background and reason of the establishment of new jiing sheng group and vision for the future development of the new group, ho tung said the new jiing shing group is a good and powerful platform, as long as we are the manufacturer, with firm faith, and seek common development, we must be able to invincible, contented industry to jointly create a new era, developed into a good building ceramic enterprises.


He chengjian, vice-chairman of the group, delivered a speech

The change of the internal and external pattern will inevitably bring about the change of the industry pattern. Summit site, the new jiing sheng group committee director, production and sales operations center general manager Mr ShuXinKui made to "get a potential business The development situation Casting, win-win "as the theme of the conference report, shu total in the report pointed out that new jiing shing group is a polymerization the birth of the advantage of various resources and excellent platform, in the future, new jiing sheng group to bear social responsibility, contribution to product value as the core values; To provide the best plan for the design and application of ceramic tile products, and achieve the career dream of win-win cooperation partner and enterprise staff for development mission; It has developed into a new entity enterprise group that is inclusive, forward-looking, scientific and technological, the forefront of management thinking, the forefront of marketing mode, and the most cutting-edge of product design and application.

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Shu xinkui, director of the production and marketing commission of new sisheng group and general manager of the group operations center, made the report

The development of a new place of prosperity is on the road

There is a saying in the art of war: the winner of the temple is the winner of the war. A temple is not a winner when it is not fought. What is more, less is more, but is not the case? We must have sufficient planning and preparation to do things, before we can prepare for a rainy day.

Wednesday afternoon, bentley, german-american, kang jian, showing high four major brands for a summit on brand strategy development plan, clearly expounds the strategy of brand development planning and product planning, the presence of all dealers said generously for brand positioning and development direction of the future, confidence following brand forward hand in hand together, and seek common development.

Strategic planning summit site

New appreciation with confidence: product no suspense became the leading role of this annual meeting, dealers in the venue was staring, and open your eyes again and again to watch the new shelves, or touch or stroke, stand see squat down, without moving the eyes for a long time to leave, in the meeting didn't look enough, enough and ran to the hall to be appreciate, and we also provide the distributor with headquarters product gorge, archaize brick, wood grain brick, stone, marble, ultra smooth glaze, polishing brick, ceramics seven big series co-star, readily available, visit the dealers to have said, we don't have to worry about don't sell products, look at this posture, our faith is more sufficient, must be a fat years next year.





A new appreciation

Prepare for the work of internal work

The worker wants to be good at his work, the training on the 31st day, full of dry goods. In order to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of terminal dealers, group headquarters hired industry excellent software design master - master of space cloud design software, according to the design of the product application to distributors special training, through the product style, scene application design to distributor for another present method and thought of the brick, effectively solve the dealer for a long time by the guest unit price low, low conversion rate, rate of into the store, the cost is high. In addition the whole new retail channel, new scene, VR training course, let the dealer to offline entity shop and VR simulation experience shop together, full display products and its effect, at the same time, through advanced software quickly figure out the advantage of a deal.


Space master cloud design software training site

Next goods way of training, respectively from the wealth, ZhongCai, goods on three aspects introduced the terminal dealers now encountered difficulties and solution method, through standardizing the how to sell new products, design, marketing, training and so on emphasized specialization is to end the continuing operations, the important guarantee of profit. The students said after class that the training course was very informative and eye-opening.


On VR experience activity link, dealers of VR simulation store and its presentation forms showed a great interest, are scrambling to experience, well then, many dealers have affirmed the marketing way, and said, this online, offline will be for our dealers to save a large sum of storefront renovation costs and the cost, and can quickly figure out, quick experience, quick transaction, such a good marketing methods and tools will be bound to promote sales, dealers said. I'm afraid this year's task will have to be finished ahead of schedule!

VR experience training site

The new era of foundry is coming

At the dinner, guests drank and congratulated on the smooth opening of the annual conference. Wonderful programs are repeated, applause sound continuously, pieces awards, cheers sound loud and clear, announced the party on the vehicle traveling data recorder, smart car balance, apple mobile phone, 10000 yuan in cash and 2 bottles of famous Italian wine awards. Finally, the party ended smoothly in the dynamic music.

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Thank you for the party

World, changes in the pattern of changes in the pattern of China is also, however, the trajectory of China in the world coordinate system is still on the rise in the channel of China's rise trend remains unclear, new jiing sheng group will rise up in China's momentum to move forward, constantly surpassing.

Pattern decided to end, how wide, stage has how old, "gather the potential, man proposes, casting city" new jiing sheng group 2017 wealth summit ended in excited and don't give up, in New Year will officially open! The new people will continue to forge ahead, adhere to the same belief, take pride in the company, win the win-win situation, and 2017 let us work together to forge a new era in the development of the tao industry.

The future has come, 2017, new jiaxin has set out!