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Demei ceramic tile "space master" design software.


To do a good job, must first sharpen his apparatus, in order to better master the advanced marketing tools and skills, better service terminal dealers, strengthen terminal dealers in the local market marketing ability, to achieve "space master" domestic outfit design software in the marketing effect of terminal sales, german-american ceramic tile on February 22-25 in foshan headquarters officially launched "space master" software training program, to german-american ceramic tile marketing elite to carry on the skills training of the operation.

The marketing elite attaches great importance to this training. During the training period, the training room was packed, and everyone listened carefully to the wonderful explanations and demonstrations of the professional teachers. In order to make the marketing elite can master more ably "space master" the operation of the software, training teacher tells his story in a professional perspective to analyze the space not only master the use of the method and the marketing effectiveness, also teaches you how to operate, holding at the scene to everyone really master to ceramic tile product shop is stuck, deserve to act the role of collocation, 3 d rendering, and calculating the brick and the various basic skills such as the shop is stuck way.


The teacher is patient and the trainee works carefully

Under the teacher's wonderful explanation, everyone is deeply felt the "space master" marketing design software is efficient and practical. 1 minute fast rendering, budget, export marketing services technology such as CAD construction drawings, realize rapid drawing of terminal stores sales, so as to improve store sales performance, but also to the terminal stores service mode has improved greatly, realize from the traditional sell brick to selling space, selling plan, is to improve the terminal stores closing and guest list value of effective tool.


The student operates on the machine

In the fierce market competition, only understand the ability, good at using the advanced marketing tool, can advance with The Times, provide more efficient and appropriate service to the consumer, win the market. Believe that through this training, german-american ceramic tile marketing elite must be able to master the skills to the terminal, service the vast number of dealers, terminal dealer's store performance for ascending added weight.