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Yedling: no pie in the sky, roll your sleeves up!.


Spring is the most important thing in the world.

On February 12, the new company held a new spring meeting in 2017 to jointly plan the development of the New Year group. New chairman Ye Delin jiing sheng group, group executive director He Chengjian, group supervisor Luo Jintang, group vice President, ShuXinKui, general manager of marketing center, production base of yu-hua shi, general manager, the board director, office of human administrative managing goofy and other leaders and departments responsible for personnel attended the meeting, the new pearl group vice President and chief financial officer ms Liang Wang yun also attended the meeting. The meeting request, all the staffs to further grasp early, grasping and the work of the New Year, the company set the development goals into effective action and results, in order to achieve good start in the first quarter, and complete the full-year target task to lay the solid foundation, at the same time, the company strategy development planning is used in this meeting in 2017 work plan for the deployment and arrangement.


The chairman of yedling made an important speech


Executive director he chengjian made a new work report


The group vice President, group marketing center general manager shu xinkui reports


The director of the board of directors and the general manager of the human administration goofy chaired the meeting


Production base general manager shi yuhua made the report

Conference, He Chengjian director for the "new journey to unite, unite as one to create new brilliance" theme report, report over the operation and management of 2017 goals and work requirements, put forward the thinking and the work of the New Year priority. What dong in the report pointed out that in 2017 the market environment is still severe, the real estate purchase, overcapacity, rising labor costs and other factors make ceramic industry suffered unprecedented pressure, the complex economic situation, group cadre staff must change ideas, fully must set up the consciousness of cost, users thinking, with excellent quality and stable customer confidence, to sure the high quality service to win customers, quality efficiency, enhance the profitability of the enterprise, to support enterprise comprehensive benefits for long-term development. What dong report also mentioned that in 2017, new jiing sheng group will further improve staff working and living environment, to improve the staff's level and quality of life, improve team cohesion, shaping the "caring culture" of the enterprise, enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity of the enterprise, let employees work and live with dignity.

Then, the group committee director, production and sales operations center general manager ShuXinKui on board, tung development strategy, the management train of thought and goal, we must unswervingly carry out and reached, shu total also issued higher index task for marketing line, the marketing line of all the soldiers felt confident enough to agree and pledge: rapid action, no excuses, go all out, determined to achieve!


All the marketing officers took the oath under the guidance of shu

Yu-hua shi group production base of general manager said at the meeting, the production base will strictly follow the tenet of "quality is the first enterprise life", earnestly product quality control, organize and implement the production base, leading cadre staff unceasingly renew the idea, management concept and level of ascension. Stone is always at the same time report the production base in 2017 work focus and work target, and said, believed that in the group under the correct leadership of the board of directors, the production base must be efficient, benign and orderly operation, quantity and complete production tasks issued group co., LTD, provide effective support for the rapid development of the group company and strength.

At the meeting, new jiing sheng group Ye Delin on behalf of the group, chairman of the board of directors New Year greetings to all the staffs, and overall perspective, this paper expounds the sense of new jiing, resource conditions, development plan and development goals. Leaf chairman said: "as long as diligence and diligence, there is no bad thing. The sky won't drop the pie, the realization of the dream needs to roll up the sleeves. Chairman stressed that all the cadres and workers want to cherish the new jiing sheng this big platform, how to seriously implement the dong's new work conference spirit, according to the overall tone steady increase, growth performance of the work, to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, pragmatic professional, should do well the work in 2017, determined to achieve all tasks indicators in 2017. At the same time, enterprises will also be able to take the principle of "there is one", so that employees who have the ability, level and performance will take the management and leadership positions and get better returns.

Dreams will come true in struggle. In 2017, is the national implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning important for a year, is the supply side of the deepening of structural reform, is also a new jiing sheng ceramic group solid foundation, the key to the efficient development of a year, believe that the new jiing sheng group, all the cadres and staff will be full of spirit and high morale, to seize the new opportunities and meet new challenges, with innovation work and enterprising, to work for the smooth realization of group 2017 goals and career dreams to struggle!