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Foshan has issued a price pledge of a certificate.


On July 6, the reporter learns from the inspection and quarantine bureau, foshan city, in January 2017, a total lose the Mexican ceramic tile price undertakings of origin certificate issued 272, visa number 1.75 million square meters, the amount is $14.97 million, visa QianZhengLiang accounted for over 90%, can help enterprises to impose anti-dumping duties on rebates are more than 120 million yuan. According to foshan enterprises, more than half a year, the price of the ink has been rising, and it has been basically restored to the pre-anti-dumping level.

On November 3, 2016, foshan inspection and quarantine bureau issued the original certificate of origin of the first imported ink ceramic tile in China, and the number of visa certificates has increased steadily since then. According to statistics, in 2016, foshan, inspection and quarantine area a total of 120 companies lose ink tile price undertaking agreement, but so far, foshan, inspection and quarantine bureau to apply for visa to lose the ink within their respective jurisdictions of export-oriented production-oriented enterprises with a total of 49, and accounting for 40.8% of total price undertaking agreement enterprises.

Many companies say that their exports of Mexican tiles are recovering gradually, meaning that there is a lot of potential to be found in the amount of ink tiles that can be found within the jurisdiction of foshan city inspection and quarantine bureau.

So far, the company's export of Mexican tiles has basically returned to pre-dumping levels, said the head of guangdong bode precision industry co. LTD. She thought the anti-dumping will be reversed transmission upgrade Chinese enterprises to realize innovation, believe that the price commitment will largely promote the high-end ceramic products backed by the "out", China's high quality enterprise should also must be able to adapt to the international trade rules of the game.

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How can enterprises crack the double pressure of "anti-dumping + transformation"

The anti-dumping case has always been the "old and difficult" problem of the export of foshan ceramics. In October last year, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued a certificate of origin for Mexican ceramic tile prices, which exempted ceramic enterprises from a high anti-dumping duty of 50% to 225%. Last November, foshan issued the country's first certificate of origin. The solution to the pain points of the ceramic export of foshan is therefore a new approach.

What are the latest explorations and results of the development of the traditional competitive products of ceramics and the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry?

157 companies affected by Mexico

The ceramic industry has been the "hardest hit" of foreign antidumping, and foshan taorao company has been repeatedly "injured" in anti-dumping. According to the guangdong customs declaration Liu Yisheng baird seiko building materials co., LTD., due to domestic ceramic has a large production and supply, some countries to protect domestic ceramics from the impact, will take trade protection measures, such as quotas and duties, to raise China's ceramic tile cost, weaken the competitiveness of China's ceramic tile.

Data show that in foshan as an important ceramic production base, China and the world its export of ceramic products accounts for more than half the proportion of the country, far higher than other provinces, and therefore bear the relatively high anti-dumping pressure.

In 2011, the impact of eu anti-dumping measures, foshan's exports to the eu were down by more than 50% year-on-year. In May 2015, Mexico initiated an anti-dumping investigation against ceramic tiles in China, involving a total of $115 million, which resulted in the fact that the anti-dumping duty paid by enterprises was greater than the value of the goods. Among them, the number of enterprises affected by the anti-dumping investigation of foshan in foshan is 157, accounting for 62.5% of the total number of affected enterprises in the country.

"Previous domestic ceramic encountering anti-dumping, an important reason lies in the ceramic enterprises at a low price competition damage the made in China brand reputation, foreign boycott, has also led to a large number of high quality ceramic enterprises." Foshan inspection and quarantine bureau inspection bureau responsible person said.

The official told reporters, under this background, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine departments launched defeated Mexican ceramic tile price commitment certificate of origin, through the certificate of the enterprise loses the ink fob price of product of pottery and porcelain is not lower than $6.72 per square meter, make product clearance, the promotion of high-end ceramic products backed by the "out".

Certificate of origin + supply chain reform escort for ceramic export

Within four months of the launch of the certificate of origin, foshan issued 90% of the certificate issued by guangdong province. Liu has observed the certificate effect in secret. "Since the issuance of certificates, the export volume of bode seiko has been significantly increased and the export volume is about us $1 million, which is much better than the previous two years." He said.

In addition to with good national policies, nearly two years in foshan vigorously construction quality and safety of export porcelain demonstration area, build brand merchandise exports incentive mechanism, for quality demonstration enterprise in customs clearance facilitation, technical trade measures to support the response.

From the supply side of ceramic products to optimize the product quality and production efficiency, it is also the action of foshan ceramics to expand domestic and international markets. As the focus of the reform of foshan ceramics supply side platform, the TaoLian platform in the middle of may of this year, with business group with 235, 1245 suppliers, deal flow 18.39 billion platform, at the end of last year was commissioned the tao orders of $24.173 billion in 2017, for procurement enterprises to reduce costs by 12.1%.

In view of the downward trend of foreign trade, resistance to environmental protection, unfair competition of supply chain, lack of price transparency on ceramic enterprises more burden, the TaoLian take + + Internet financial capital "industry" model system with industry partners, in order to improve enterprise viscosity. "We take the supplier as the driver, release the value of the 500 million valuation to the company, and let the client become the shareholder's boss and share the benefits." General manager CAI chu Yang said.

At present, through the financial support of various parties, such as dongpeng, new pearl, blue source capital, and bank, the company has set up a special fund of 1.8 billion yuan in the first phase to support the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

According to CAI, the financial platform will take at least 10 billion enterprise services to further achieve the target of 80 per cent of this year's corporate platforms.