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The old cow said that the list of cognition about.


1. Marble tiles have become the largest category in the ceramic industry, with sales volume accounting for more than 20% of tiles. For this fact, most of the ceramic enterprises are now accepted.

2. Marble tiles belong to the category of all-throw glaze. Marble ceramic tile is imitation natural marble texture, simple sense is the most realistic category all throw glaze product.

3. All glazing is a category in the technical context. And marble ceramic tile is a category in the consumption context. Both of them are recognized in the industry. But the former cannot break through the industry and is recognized in the consumer group. The latter is theoretically possible.

There are two premises for the marble tiles to be a real occupation of the consumer's mind. The second is the transformation from selling semi-finished products (cloth and material elements) to selling finished products (fashion and space). Further, if it can be implemented from the application design, to the paving and installation of a one-stop service, it is easy to be accepted by the market.

5. With the positioning theory, Jane created the competition barrier by pulling up the brand height, creating the category of marble tile. The result, in addition to necessity, is also contingent. 2009 a 2013 Jane a focus of marble, ceramic tile in the global financial crisis, China's economy a v-shaped rebound interval, big companies are busy harvesting dividend "4 trillion", was "too busy" to block a new subdivision category.

For 6 big enterprise monopoly, ceramic industry has not formed, the overall lack of potential energy, and not familiar with positioning theory, don't understand plugging technique, is also one of the survival of the important reasons for the marble tiles by luck.

The success of a pair of marble tiles has not only led a number of brands to enter this professional field, but also inspired some brands to use the positioning theory in other segments. The ultimate success of these "learners" depends not on strategic choice but on landing execution. It is crucial that they have the courage, the courage and the strategy to become a brand.

The ceramic tile industry is a semi-finished and low-frequency area of consumption. Consumers' awareness of products and brands is seriously inadequate. So that anyone who tried to locate in the context of consumer segmentation category, all will be are faced with the challenge of consumer serious mental resources scarcity and the challenge is not that hard to do advertising can be achieved.

The general market of subdivision categories is narrow, including marble tiles, and occupy only the gap market between ordinary ceramic tile and natural marble. Therefore, the ceiling is visible. Generally speaking, how large a brand can be achieved in large scale. Thus, choosing to locate a certain type of market means losing the other nine markets. This gains and losses, the entrepreneur, the boss himself.

10, brand positioning is also a double-edged sword for dealers. Positioning can focus on the market, but the positioning also loses the richness of the product and reduces the ability to meet the demand of the market. It also means that the profitability of the storefront unit area can be reduced.

11. In the future, to broaden the width of product lines and upgrade the level of full-service, the dealers will become a trend in brand portfolio management of different categories.

As for the marble tile products, the future development direction is mainly: one is the development of the cultural design direction. In addition, the creative design of the ceramic tile texture, including the integration of the humanistic design texture with the natural texture; The second is a large number of black and white grey classes, the color saturation low, the taste light modern style products. Because these products are in the 80s, 90s and "new middle class", these people are the mainstream consumers of the present and the future.