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The fourth industrial revolution was a powerful o.


The first, second and third industrial revolutions brought steam power, electricity and electronics to humans. And big data as the core of the fourth industrial revolution, like the past of the industrial revolution, in promoting the productivity level, material rich at the same time, the revolution also to individuals as well as the overall economic, social, cultural and political development brings new challenges.

The new round of industrial revolution means inclusive growth and opportunities for more equal participation in all industries.

Compared with previous industrial revolution, it is more possible to achieve inclusive growth in the new industrial revolution. As represented by network, digital, intelligent, a new round of industrial revolution not only created a new demand and supply, greatly expand the development space and the opportunity to also bring more equality to all parties concerned to participate in. As an important part of the national economy, the ceramic industry is of great importance in the light of the fourth industrial revolution. All walks of life are on the same starting line, equal participation. Under the trend of inclusive growth in the fourth industrial revolution, no matter the size of the enterprise, if it can seize the opportunity, it will be able to achieve sound development. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, can and large enterprises on the same starting line, finally realize the curve overtaking possibility. Therefore, the fourth industrial revolution is necessary for our small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the development of the enterprise. When the tide comes, the chance of success can be achieved.

A new round of industrial revolution will prompt companies to become more international and more open

The new industrial revolution represented by network, digitization and intellectualization will make the world more transparent and more open than in the previous industrial revolution. Because of increased transparency, mobile network and the application of data, consumer participation and the emergence of new consumption concept, mode, enterprises will be forced to change the production and business operation mode, including the product research and development, design, service can influence and so on.

The fourth industrial revolution will have a profound impact on the global economy. The scope of the impact will be very broad and involving many areas. For ceramic industry, therefore, we should transform mode of thinking, enrich their own brain, anticipation of future needs to have new thinking, stand in the perspective of international problem, increase innovation, complete products, brave to participate in international competition and cooperation.

Enterprises: transformation mode to avoid elimination

With the widely application of the new technology in the future, the new technology of disruptive change or significant influence on the enterprise the management status quo, emerging technologies are almost always driven by digital technology encouraged and, under the influence of them, the rate of change in speeding up, the business scope expanding.

The technology of the fourth industrial revolution demands higher requirements for the leadership of the enterprise. In today's era of information, and accelerated the subversion and innovation are difficult to understand or predict, in this environment, business leaders can continue to learn and adjust their cognitive and enterprise operation mode, will decide whether they can lead the enterprises to success. Therefore, facing the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on enterprises, it is essential to transform the thinking and the company's business model. Corporate leadership's top priority is to look at themselves and their team, the introduction of new technology and talent, strengthen innovation, to develop products that meet the needs of customers, with better quality, faster speed, lower price and better service, to provide value for customers, in order to avoid the competition be eliminated!

(source Chinese ceramic network)