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The distribution of ceramic industry is unbalance.


Ceramic industry China ceramic network 】 【 in an important seats in the national economy, the ceramic production has for many years the world's first, but in ceramics industry growing at the same time, the problem of ceramic industry in our country is increasingly prominent.

The industrial distribution is unbalanced, the development of the region is unbalanced, the production and marketing imbalance

The production of ceramic industry is obviously regional and is mainly concentrated in guangdong, jiangxi, shandong and fujian provinces. These areas have a strong foundation of ceramic industry and complete system, which affects the wide range of radiation and provides many employment opportunities. It has become a traditional pillar industry in the local area and has made great contributions to local economic construction. Also appear excessive concentration area of the ceramic enterprises, with the expanding of enterprises, expanding the continuous extension of production lines, production volume, cause serious overcapacity, imbalance between supply and demand, also causes area pollution is serious, resource depletion problems. In the northwest, northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, the limited overall economic level, despite the advantages of resources, the overall development of the ceramic industry is backward, and the development space is huge.

Serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption and excessive exploitation of clay resources

The ceramic industry itself belongs to high energy consumption and high pollution industry. The production process consumes a lot of mineral resources and energy, and produces waste gas, waste water, waste residue and dust, which causes serious pollution to the environment. In some ceramic industries with high concentration and developed areas, the ceramic industry is especially serious about air, land and other environmental pollution. The excessive exploitation of non-renewable mineral resources in many places has greatly damaged the ecological environment, and the recycling and reuse of ceramic waste is basically in a blank state. In recent years, with the increase of the whole society's awareness of environmental protection in our country the government introduced a series of policies and measures to increase the intensity of energy conservation, emission reduction, local governments also make corresponding laws and regulations, and pollution control industry, ceramic industry facing challenge of resource, energy and environment problems.

Industry profit level is low, the product is low quality serious

Although China is a ceramic manufacturer, it is not a great power. The products are mainly in the middle and low level, with low added value, and the price is not high in the international market. There is a glut of ceramic capacity, a glut of supply, and companies competing for the market to drive down prices and industry profits are falling. The enterprise lacks independent innovation ability, the product homogenization is serious, the international market competition is not strong.

Facing the severe industry situation, where should the ceramic enterprises go?

Brand positioning tends to be high-end

Some ceramic mid - and low-end brands, relying on the price advantage, did win a lot of buyers. But this is not sustainable. Now many middle class people like to buy high-end products. So the trend is that the high-end of brand positioning and the high quality of the product itself are irresistible trends.

Intelligent charm of the ceramic industry

Although the current intelligence progress is slow, but it is full of allure and imagination. It can be said that as long as there is a little more technology mature smart selling point, the price is also uncertain very expensive, the product can sell better, pottery and porcelain enterprise will also be able to take a piece of the action from the intelligence field in the future.

Environmental protection will gradually infiltrate into the ceramic industry

About environmental protection, national policy in promoting the enterprise practice, and consumption is more emphasis on environmental protection, especially this kind of kitchen products, ceramic whether environmental protection standard, how's pest control, consumers are very seriously.

Online shopping will be more and more popular

It is common to obtain information about ceramic brands and products through Internet, mobile phone and PDA. Understand the information mainly through the search, the ceramic enterprise official website, the microblog, the portal, such as the household; Shopping is mainly used in various e-commerce platforms such as tao bao and tian cat. Some will cooperate with Internet finance companies, such as the yizha yisheng furniture installment business. Predictably, it has become an inevitable trend.

Personalized custom wave swept furniture industry

Now the demand of people is diverse, the hobby is very wide, and are willing to spend energy to satisfy and implementation, such as ceramic, before buying finished product is ok, but now displeasing the finished product, can choose custom, let the enterprise situation, decorate a style according to your kitchen and personal demand for modelling, colour and lustre, separate production.