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Such a home | "It's pretty good"


The most popular drama "Everything is pretty good" has ended.

I didn't expect the finale, Xiaobian, I became a dog because of Su Daqiang and Mingyu.


The finale of "Everything is very good" has given the audience a lot of comfort. Mingyu’s phrase "There is a family is really good" is the real meaning that everyone brings to everyone.

This is also the home that Mingyu has always been yearning for. No matter how much damage Mingyu has suffered, how hot it is to disguise herself outside, but her heart is warm from beginning to end, she still loves life, warmth. The home has awkwardness and yearning.

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Are you a bright jade in real life?

Is it always a family of fairy tales that belong to you?

A simple, stylish, warm and loving home

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DFTL126106 Bright ash space application renderings appreciation

Going home from work to open the door, the table is already full of meals prepared by the parents for you. The pressure of work in a day is gone, this is your home.

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DFTL126116 Space Application Rendering Appreciation

       After eating, sitting on the sofa with my parents and watching TV, head resting on the shoulders of my parents, you are still the child who loves to be spoiled. This is the home you have been jealous of.

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DFTL126101 Xinyue Valley Light Gray Space Application Rendering Appreciation

The fatigue and troubles of the day were finally released at this moment. Let your soul return to the peace of home. This is the home you have been jealous of.

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DFWA915814 Grimm fairy tale space application renderings appreciation

The room is arranged like a favorite, and with the parents' love, it is the appearance of your home.

Choose Demei tiles and choose your home

Such a home, everything is "very good"