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Product description

A fine porcelain made from a local or tributary state to the imperial court or superior government in ancient times. Usually, the porcelain of the official kiln is made by the official construction, and the quality requirements are very high, and the quality of the porcelain is guaranteed. Not only is the material good, the craft is also very consummate, and seldom goes to the folk, only the emperor is the imperial guard or the bounty ministry. "As new as jade" good porcelain, first is natural beauty, from the day that it burns to a group of porcelain, beautiful. The introduction of good porcelain is definitely the crystallization of "the right time and right place".

Product nameDDLT79811




Range of useRestaurant/Kitchen/Space Close-up/Living Room/Commercial Space/Study/Bedroom/Entrance/Mediterranean/Jane Europe/Modern Simplicity/New Chinese/Post-Modern